Preserving the past, enhancing the present: a luxurious Victorian masterpiece in Belgravia

Chester Street

This stunning Victorian home in Chester Street, Belgravia, presented the opportunity to improve upon an already beautiful property.
The client was referred to us with a request to add a two-story extension to the rear of the property, which was a large 6-floor, 5-bedroom house with a total floor area of 4238 sq ft.

This home is grade 2 listed, which provided a challenging environment, and meant that all original cornices, doors, handrails, fireplaces, stairs, and main walls had to be kept intact to preserve the character and integrity of the Victorian build.

We added two additional floors to the rear of the property while maintaining the character and charm of the original build.
The extension included a number of high-end features, such as bespoke stone and wooden floors and a bespoke wine cellar designed specifically for the client's wine collection.
The entire property also benefited from full underfloor heating, making it comfortable and energy-efficient year-round.

This complex and challenging project was completed on time, to the client's full satisfaction, and the final result is a stunning, family-oriented property that perfectly blends the character of the original Victorian build with modern amenities and finishes.